Sentence Examples with the word athlete

In spite of being a mediocre athlete at best, Dean had thrived on sports.

With more certainty we may see a copy of an athlete by Lysippus in the statue of Agias found at Delphi (GREEK ART, Plate V.

The whole system of methodical exercises was started by Ling in Sweden, but it has been developed to a large extent for the purpose of increasing muscular strength by the professional athlete Sandow.

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Her assistant, Gerry, looked like a college athlete with a huge, bright grin, blond hair and friendly hazel eyes.

The extreme development of the muscles in the weightlifting athlete and in the arm of the blacksmith is the result of increased functional activity with a corresponding increase in the vascular supply; this exercise may produce an over-development so excessive as to be classed as abnormal.

His gluttony and drunkenness were notorious, and he was an athlete of great prowess.

He was tall, an athlete gone to seed, with thinning hair and a used car salesman's smile.