Sentence Examples with the word asymmetry

The benefits of asymmetry happen when the small kid gets a Taser.

In all these cases the torsion and asymmetry of the body are unaffected.

Cases of asymmetry or irregularity in the arrangement of the intestinal caeca, though sometimes occurring, are not normal.

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Marble Asymmetry of the Alps.

In many owls the right and left ears are asymmetrical, and this asymmetry affects the whole of the temporal region, all the bones which surround the outer and middle ear, notably the squamosal and the quadrate, so that the skull becomes lopsided, one ear being turned obliquely down, the other upwards.

The essential feature of the asymmetry of Gastropoda is the atrophy or disappearance of the primitively left half of the circumanal complex (the right half in sinistral forms), including the gill, the auricle, the osphradium, the hypobranchial gland and the kidney.

Apart from the asymmetry of the intestine caused by the lateral position of the anus in the two genera just named, Brachiopods are bilaterally symmetrical animals.

There is nothing in their mode of life which will afford an explanation of the asymmetry which is a developmental phenomenon.

When the shell is sinistral the asymmetry of the organs is usually reversed, and there is a complete situs inversus viscerum, the direction of the spiral of the shell corresponding to the position of the organs of the body.

Often a numerical asymmetry on the two sides.