Sentence Examples with the word astronomer

A variant of the same story was known to Guido Bonati, an astronomer quoted by Dante, who calls his hero or villain Butta Deus because he struck Jesus.

Edmund Halley, the second astronomer royal, devoted most of his official attention to the moon.

WILLIAM PARSONS ROSSE, 3RD Earl Of (1800-1867), Irish astronomer and telescope constructor, was born at York on the 17th of June 1800, a son of the 2nd earl (see above).

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King, chief astronomer of the Dominion, was established in 1909.

His career as a professional astronomer began in 1870, when he was elected Savilian professor of astronomy at Oxford.

In the beginning of May 1852, when the government of Louis Napoleon required an oath of allegiance from all its functionaries, Arago peremptorily refused, and sent in his resignation of his post as astronomer at the Bureau des Longitudes.

The reverence and authority which was accorded the famous compilation of the Alexandrian astronomer is well evidenced by the catalogue of the Tatar Ulugh Beg, the Arabian names thane adopted being equivalent to the Ptolemaic names in nearly every case; this is also shown in the Latin translations given below.

Little card-holders (81) (also illuminated) enable the astronomer to enter beforehand the R.A.

Further state aid enabled him to visit Germany and France in 1825, and having visited the astronomer Heinrich Schumacher (1780-1850) at Hamburg, he spent six months in Berlin, where he became intimate with August Leopold Crelle, who was then about to publish his mathematical journal.

The formidable undertaking of reducing the accumulated planetary observations made at Greenwich from 1750 to 1830 was already in progress under Airy's supervision when he became Astronomer Royal.