Sentence Examples with the word astride

The divide between the rivers flowing west and those flowing east and north is very sharp in the southern Rocky Mountains, but there are two lakes, the Committee's Punch Bowl and Fortress Lake, right astride of it, sending their waters both east and west; and there is a mountain somewhat south of Fortress Lake whose melting snows drain in three directions into tributaries of the Columbia, the Saskatchewan and the Athabasca, so that they are distributed between the Pacific, the Atlantic (Hudson Bay) and the Arctic Oceans.

Bavarian Reserve Corps astride the Scarpe and the II.

Corps astride the Scarpe was to secure the Canadian left.

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Crouched astride a bike was a great place to think and he surely needed training with his July week in Iowa getting closer all the time.

In western civilization there is a traditional difference between the riding of men and women, in this particular, that men ride astride and women on a side-saddle.

Oku was astride the railway, Kuroki extending towards his proposed crossing-points just beyond Kuropatkin's extreme left (the latter was behind the river).

Army's and 3rd Div.'s advance astride the Maritsa and Tunja on Oct.

Gerard's corps (with which was Kellermann's cuirassier corps) halted astride the Sambre at Chatelet.

Front (left bank of the Tunja), was an advanced position, or rather a discontinuous series of field positions on selected sites astride the saddles of ground which separate the rivers (Tunja and lower Maritsa, Maritsa and Arda, Arda and upper Maritsa, upper Maritsa and Tunja).

Through the gap opened by the Canadians and swung down astride the Drocourt-Queant line towards its junction with the Hindenburg line, which was at the same time assailed in front by the 52nd Division.