Sentence Examples with the word aster

The following purely Caucasian species also grow on the coastfive species of spearwort, three of saxifrage, Aster caucasica, Dioscorea caucasica, Echinops raddeanus, Hedera colchica, Helleborus caucasica and Peucedanum caucasicum.

In a group of plants of Aster prenanthoides, examined by G.

Halo phytes.Plants which grow in very saline soils; e.g., Tr-iglochin iritimum, Salicornia spp., Zygophyllum cornutum, Aster Tnhum, Artemisia maritima.

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In some of the valleys having an outlet to the south the flora is partly peculiar to the American desert, and such species as Purshia tridentata, D.C., and Artemisia tridentata, Nutt., and species of Gilia, Aster and Erigonum are found that are not met with elsewhere.

The china aster is now one of the most popular of summer and fall plants.

It sometimes bears hairs, which aid in the application of the pollen to the stigma, and are called collecting hairs, as in Campanula, and also in Aster and other Compositae.

Spinulosa, Poraniidae, Aster inidae.