Sentence Examples with the word astacus

The chief cleruchies of Pericles are: Thracian Chersonese (453-452), Lemnos and Imbros, Andros, Naxos and Eretria (before 447); ' Brea in Thrace (446); Oreus (445); Amisus and Astacus in the Black Sea (after 440); Aegina (431).

On the fourteenth post-oral in Apus, on the ninth post-oral in female Astacus and in Cyclops.

Their chief colonies in this sea were Astacus and Heraclea in Bithynia, and another Heraclea in the Crimea.

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An erroneous view of the fundamental morphology of the Crustacean limb, and consequently of that of other Arthropoda, came into favour owing to the acceptance of the highly modified limbs of Astacus as typical.