Sentence Examples with the word assume

It would be a colossal mistake to assume some sort of collectivist or communistic solution to hunger in the world.

As regards Mani himself, it is safest to assume that he held both Judaism and Catholic Christianity to be entirely false religions.

The veliger, as soon as its shell has attained some extent and begins to assume definite shape, is no longer of a form common to Mollusca generally, but acquires characters peculiar to the partiY cular class to which its parents belong.

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This result is inconsistent with the aether remaining at rest, unless we assume that the dimensions of the moving system depend, though to an extent so small as to be not otherwise detectable, on its orientation with regard to the aether that is streaming through it.

She had chosen him partly for his ability to assume control while keeping everyone's best interest in mind... and partly because he aroused a passion she never knew existed.

In 1896 a bill was passed by congress, which authorized the state by the issue of national bonds to assume the provincial external indebtedness.

Though heartily disliked in Holland, Leicester made himself so popular in Utrecht that the burgher guard even presented him with a petition that he would, assume the sovereignty.

The senate itself might, in the later Republic, invite a victorious general to assume the title; and in these two customs - the salutation of the troops, and the invitation of the senate - we see in the germ the two methods by which under the Empire the princeps was designated; while in the military connotation attaching to the name even under the Republic we can detect in advance the military character by which the emperor and the Empire were afterwards distinguished.

Of particular zoological interest in this connexion is a Ceylonese genus Dyscritina, in which the cercopods are long, many-jointed and filiform during the early stages of growth, and only assume at the last moult the forcipate structure characteristic of the family.

Some naturalists would add the finches (Fringillidae), rightly if we assume that the Ploceidae or weavers constitute a separate family.