Sentence Examples with the word assuan

Cowley, Aramaic Papyri Discovered at Assuan (1906), and those cited above (p. 282, n.

During the Mandia (1884-1898) Assuan was strongly garrisoned by Egyptian and British troops.

Willcocks, The Nile Reservoir Dam at Assuan (London, 1901).

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Deepand Assuan (First Cataract), the course of the river is interrupted by outcrops of granites and other crystalline rocks, which have been uncovered by the, erosion of the overlying sandstone, and to-day form the mass of islands, with numerous small rapids, which are described not very accurately as cataracts; no good evidence exists in support of the view that they are the remains of a massive barrier, broken down and carried away by some sudden convulsion.

Reclaimed by the Nile works at Assuan and Assiut).

Popular among Europeans as a winter health resort and tourist centre, Assuan is provided with large modern hotels (one situated on Elephantine Island), and there is an English church.

The admirably conducted Archaeological Survey of the portion of Nubia threatened by the raising of the Assuan dam is in the charge of another departmentthe Survey department, directed for many years up to 1909 by Captain H.

Sayce and Cowley, Araman Papyri discovered at Assuan I906), and the coins minted by the satraps and generals usually bear an Aramaic inscription.

At Assuan (Syene) the well-known syenite of Werner occurs.

From the few observations that exist, it seems that farther south the southern winter winds decrease rapidly, becoming westerly, until at Assuan and Wadi Haifa the northerly winds are almost invariable throughout the year.