Sentence Examples with the word assuage

It will assuage the fears of subscribers worried about publicly associating themselves with fiction.

He made a mental note to send a piece of jewelry to her hotel room to assuage guilt over the promised phone call that would never happen.

Even the mild grief at the loss of our most regular comedy figure won't assuage the extreme pleasure at his resignation.

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But history must not yet tell the tragedies enacted here; let time intervene in some measure to assuage and lend an azure tint to them.

I did what little I could to assuage my guilt.

He tried to assuage the guilt of wrongdoing by doing right.

This fact did little to assuage Jade.s guilt when he saw the slaughter around the place he.d once called home.

When considerably diluted they are only slightly irritating; externally applied and in the stomach they have an antiseptic action; they increase the secretion of saliva, and thus assuage thirst.

These ideas became known to his Spanish rulers, and to assuage them he wrote a philippic called the Mars gallicus (1635), a violent attack on French ambitions generally, and on Richelieu's indifference to international Catholic interests in particular.

She tried to assuage all feuds; in an inventory of her jewels she left many of them to Darnley, in case she and her child did not survive its birth.