Sentence Examples with the word assortment

Any new happening outside the mundane assortment of drug cases, burglaries, domestic disturbances or a semi-annual Saturday night passion killing came as a welcome change.

There, staring up at the group, nestled in an assortment of other bones, packed into a grubby plaid shirt, was a cracked white skull.

He wore an assortment of knives on his belt and a silver symbol of a star with two arrows through it that looked older than Damian's on a black choker around his neck.

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The book provided excellent examples of the plants and she found a large assortment of edible foods.

It was one of the bewildering assortment of coded letters and symbols that appear in chat room messages.

Deidre ran back up to her room and looked over the assortment of shoes.

David Dean was hanging patriotic bunting by dawn's early light when Cynthia finished setting out the usual assortment of pastries for the guests and joined her husband for the short walk to the Community Center.

In the hawk cemeteries birds were pickled and buried in long bundles, forming sometimes an assortment that is not without incongruities from the naturalist's point of view.

She snorted at the strange assortment of books.

The top drawer contained the usual assortment of pens, pencils and paperclips.