Sentence Examples with the word assorted

All are assorted and mated to suitable rams. Most of the older ewes take the ram in September, but maiden ewes are kept back till October.

It's a beading machine that feeds a series of assorted beads onto hair for that boho look.

Well, I make Assorted Flutters for flags and bunting, and a superior grade of Rustles for ladies' silk gowns.

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These pipes are made up in small bundles, bleached in sulphur fumes in a closed chest, assorted into sizes, and so prepared for the plaiters.

For the purpose of the manufacturer of this salt these are assorted into a raw material containing approximately, in Ioo parts, 55-65 of carnallite (representing 16 parts of potassium chloride), 20-25 of common salt, 15-20 of kieserite; 2-4 of tachhydrite (CaC12 2MgC12 12H20), and minor components.

He then sat at the table, helping himself and his companion to the assorted pastries.

The pipes are assorted into sizes by passing them through graduated openings in a grilled wire frame, and those of good colour are bleached by the fumes of sulphur.

At her right sat the queerly assorted Jury--animals, animated dummies and people--all gravely prepared to listen to what was said.

Temminck, who had never seen a specimen, had assorted it with the dodo in an order to which he applied the name of Inertes (Man.

The classical products were registered, studied, assorted and commented upon.