Sentence Examples with the word association

Kynaston, The Geology of the Transvaal and the Orange River Colony, Handbook, British Association (Cape Town, 5905); Trans.

And he held that such association should be the voluntary act of the working men, the government merely reserving the right to examine the books of the various societies.

The Vienna Creditors' Association for the protection of claims in bankruptcies had in 1909- It fresh failures with liabilities of 45, 40 and 43 millions of kronen respectively.

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Its most important industrial establishments are the mirror manufactory of St Gobain and the chemical works at Chauny, and the workshops and foundries of Guise, the property of an association of workpeople organized on socialistic lines and producing iron goods of various kinds.

They contrast with those of the Oligochaeta and Hirudinea by reason of their frequently close association with the gonads, the same organ sometimes serving the two functions of excretion and conveyance of the ova and spermatozoa out of the body.

A new and valued friend of this period was Hayley, famous in his own day as a poet and in history for his association with Romney and Cowper.

In August 1896 members of this association began an attack; and late in December the movement was reinforced as a result of the execution in Manila of Dr Jose Rizal y Mercado (1861-1896), a Filipino patriot.

Other schools in Springfield are: the training school of the International Young Men's Christian Association (1885); the American International College, established in Lowell (1885) as the French-American College for the education of French-Canadians, and now working among various immigrant races; and the MacDuffie school (1890) and the Elms (1866), both schools for girls.

The reform of the Nautical Almanac in 1829 was set on foot by his protests; he recommended to the British Association in 1837, and in great part executed, the reduction of Joseph de Lalande's and Nicolas de Lacaille's catalogues containing about 57,000 stars; he superintended the compilation of the British Association's Catalogue of 8377 stars (published 1845); and revised the catalogues of Tobias Mayer, Ptolemy, Ulugh Beg, Tycho Brahe, Edmund Halley and Hevelius (Memoirs R.

The most elementary of these groups is the maegth, the association of agnatic and cognatic relations.