Sentence Examples with the word associate professor

In 1837 he became professor of Hebrew at Andover, and from 1848 until his death was associate professor of sacred literature there.

From 1892 to 1905 he was at the university of Chicago as associate professor of astrophysics, as professor (from 1897), and as director of the Yerkes Observatory (after 1895).

He was associate professor of history and political economy at Bryn Mawr in1885-1888and at Wesleyan University in 1888-1890; professor of jurisprudence and political economy at Princeton in 1890-1895, of jurisprudence in 1895-1897, and subsequently of jurisprudence and politics; and in 1902 he became president of Princeton University, being the first layman to hold that office.

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In 1879 he became instructor in biblical philology at the Union Theological Seminary, in 1881 an associate professor of the same subject, and in 1890 professor of Hebrew and cognate languages.1 Dr Brown's published works have won him honorary degrees from the universities of Glasgow and Oxford, as well as from Dartmouth and Yale; they are, with the exception of The Christian Point of View (1902; with Profs.

From 1876 almost until his death he was connected with the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, being in turn a fellow, an associate in history (1878-1883), an associate professor (1883-1891) and after 1891 professor of American and institutional history.