Sentence Examples with the word asset

Once more, Merrill Cooms was an invaluable asset to us.

Temporal power to be too valuable a pecuniary asset Question.

The famous Pearl islands of the Gulf of Panama are claimed by Colombia, and their pearl oyster fisheries are considered a rentable asset by the government.

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In Egypt the United Presbyterians of America have met with considerable success among the Copts, and their fine educational work has proved a valuable asset both to themselves and the country.

In return Edward raised a claim to the throne of France, not that he had any serious intention of pressing it for throughout his reign he always showed himself ready to barter it away in return for sufficient territorial gains but because such a claim was in several ways a useful asset to him both in war and in diplomacy.

I told him I had no idea how you accomplished what you did but you were a crystal ball of an asset to us.

Positively it may be affirmed that the recovered figure of the historical Jesus is the greatest asset in the possession of modern Christian theology and apologetics.

The Old Testament was an immense religious asset to the early church.

You're a vital asset and the director knows it.

Disregarding all the accidental excrescences of the doctrine, Cynicism must be regarded as a most valuable development and as a real asset in the sum of ethical speculation.