Sentence Examples with the word assessment

It is mentioned in the Domesday Survey as subject to a reduced assessment on account of its exposed position and liability to Danish attacks.

Letters trickled in over the years, but Edith's early assessment of Josh Mulligan as a miscreant proved to be correct.

The article was somewhat tongue in cheek in its assessment of paranormal powers but insisted the tips defied coincidence.

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In the same year, following the example of Oklahoma, Nebraska passed a law guaranteeing bank deposits from a fund created by an assessment on the basis of total deposits.

Laurie was giving her the look of assessment again.

The expenses of highway management in each district (or parish), together with a proportion of the general expenses of the act, are levied by the trustees by an assessment on the lands and heritages within the district (or parish).

There is a local board of assessment and equalization in each county and a general board for the state at large.

No assessment can be levied on lands which have not been watered, and the law of Egypt requires that in order to render land liable to taxation the water during the Nile flood must have flowed naturally over it.

The whole body of freemen composed the General Court until other towns than Plymouth had been organized, the first of which were Scituate in 1636 and Duxbury in 1637, and then the representative form of government was adopted and there was a gradual differentiation between Plymouth the town and Plymouth the 1882 the assessment of realty increased nearly twelve times as much as personalty.

According to this system, an assessment is made with the cultivating proprietor upon the land taken up for cultivation year by year.