Sentence Examples with the word assess

They are yet to assess the amount of damage to the heart.

You've had time to assess our defenses and capabilities and now, learn the placement of our strongholds.

When he continued to assess her, she boldly returned his appraisal.

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When the government employs committees chosen by the taxpayers to estimate and assess the details of taxation, it will find it hard to go back to arbitrary exactions.

She felt him assess her before he pried her hand free and rested his there, sealing the wound.

The people, he contended, were no worse off under the old monarchy than they will be in the long run under assemblies that are bound by the necessity of feeding one part of the community at the grievous charge of other parts, as necessitous as those who are so fed; that are obliged to flatter those who have their lives at their disposal by tolerating acts of doubtful influence on commerce and agriculture, and for the sake of precarious relief to sow the seeds of lasting want; that will be driven to be the instruments of the violence of others from a sense of their own weakness, and, by want of authority to assess equal and proportioned charges upon all, will be compelled to lay a strong hand upon the possessions of a part.

She tried to assess how many there might be.

She bathed in the unisex shower room, grateful for the lukewarm water and the chance to scrub herself down and assess the damage.

The regular army's got us running around between fed strongholds to assess damage to fed facilities and PMF HQ wants us helping refugees.

The remaking of the city was enormously expensive, especially the alteration of the streets after 1866, when the city received power to make such alterations and assess a part of the improvements upon abutting estates.