Sentence Examples with the word assaulted

During the Civil War Bolton sided with the parliament, and in February 1643 and March 1644 the royalist forces assaulted the town, but were on both occasions repulsed.

In September 1882 the town was assaulted by the troops of the mandi, who, being repulsed, laid siege to the place, which capitulated on the 17th of January 1883.

On the 22nd of November the Japanese assaulted the trench round Chi-Kuan battery.

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Lying in the direct road from England, the abbey was frequently assaulted and in 1322 was destroyed by Edward II.

Forrest assaulted Fort Anderson at Paducah but failed to capture it; and in June General Morgan made an unsuccessful attempt to take Lexington.

On the 10th Colonel John Garland (1792-1861) assaulted the lower (north-eastern) part of the city; he was driven back, but captured one of the forts.

After several skirmishes, the national army commanded by General Roca, containing many troops seasoned in Indian campaigns, assaulted the portenos posted before Buenos Aires, and after two days' hard fighting (20th and 21st July) forced its way into the town.

The city was also assaulted and captured by Alexander Jannaeus, by Cleopatra and by Tigranes.

He was bitterly denounced by slaveholders and also by such non-slaveholders as disapproved of all antislavery agitation, and in January 1827 he was assaulted and seriously injured by a slave-trader, Austin Woolfolk, whom he had severely criticized in his paper.

After a bombardment lasting from the 23rd of February to the 6th of March, the Mexicans assaulted on the 6th, were twice beaten back, and then overpowered and slaughtered the garrison, the five survivors being subsequently bayonetted in cold blood.