Sentence Examples with the word assault

The real assault was made on the night of the 21st on the two Pan-Lung forts (semi-permanent) on the centre of the north-eastern front.

It was decided that that army should halt and reconstitute for the present, as any further advance could only be carried out by a deliberate and carefully planned assault on the canal line.

On the 27th cf November, after losing 12,000 men, the assault was abandoned.

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That brutal assault cost Sumner three years of heroic struggle to restore his shattered health - years during which Massachusetts loyally re-elected him, in the belief that in the Senate chamber his vacant chair was the most eloquent pleader for free speech and resistance to slavery.

In war they trembled at the sound of a trumpet, in peace they quaked before the shouting of their own demagogues; and during the assault of Philip II.

Mr. Cooms was apprehensive about what he described as an assault on our safety.

On that occasion the garrison was 40,000 strong, and the assault cost the assailants 10,000 and the defenders 30,000 men.

After a defeat by sea, Polycrates repelled an assault upon the walls, and subsequently withstood a siege by a joint armament of Spartans and Corinthians assembled to aid the rebels.

A law of 1902 provides the death penalty for any murderous assault on the president of the United States, the chief executive of any state, or the heir to any foreign throne.

Five marshals of France served under the king in this enterprise, but their advice was of less value than that of Vauban, whose plans the king followed implicitly, even so far as to order an assault de vive force against the unanimous opinion of the marshals.