Sentence Examples with the word assassin

He wanted to sweep her away for one last intimate moment before his death but doubted the assassin and demon would wait.

The assassin had been an even greater stickler to the Code than he was.

Her mate, the White God Damian, sat with his adopted brothers, the assassin Dusty and the Original Immortal Jule.

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Gabe waited a few minutes for the assassin being replaced to appear.

Dustin, the White God's chief assassin and commander of the western hemisphere, awoke in a cold sweat with his heart racing.

Gabriel rubbed his face, and Rhyn saw the shadow of stubble the assassin never allowed to grow.

He was far less great as a ruler in the state, showing as a judge a tyrannical spirit both in the star chamber and highcommission court, threatening Felton, the assassin of Buckingham, with the rack, and showing special activity in procuring a cruel sentence in the former court against Alexander Leighton in June 1630 and against Henry Sherfield in 1634.

It is certain that the hand of the assassin was prompted by some one in the background; suspicion could not fail to fall upon Alexander among others.

Since your castle was attacked, had an Ancient wash up on our shores, Death.s assassin sitting in our hall, and now this.

When Dusty found Bianca, she swore she'd seen a miracle, for the master assassin was the last person in either world she'd ever have thought would fall to something like love.