Sentence Examples with the word ass

He won't let anything happen to you, even if he'll still kick my ass for trying to help.

The ass is also small and strong; and the mule, bred in large numbers, is of excellent quality, and both as a transport animal and as a mount is preferred to the horse.

I lied my ass off and told her it was the Dark One.

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The comparison of the will unable to act between two equally balanced motives to an ass dying of hunger between two equal and equidistant bundles of hay is not found in his works, and may have been invented by his opponents to ridicule his determinism.

Lucian and Apuleius give descriptions of the beggar-priests who went round the great cities with an image of the goddess on an ass and collected money.

That mares used in mule breeding are liable to be infected is still widely believed, but irrefragable evidence of the influence of the ass persisting, as Agassiz assumed, is conspicuous by its absence.

He made no bones about the fact that my ass is grass and he's a lawn mower.

Someone out there is a killer and if Corday has his head up his ass over your guilt, somebody needs to be taking a hard look at what really happened.

The wild ass (Equus hemionus) is confined to the sandy deserts of Sind and Cutch, where, from its speed and timidity, Wild ass.

As if sensing her doubt about how much of a jerk he was, he slapped her hard on the ass once more.