Sentence Examples with the word asphalt

The chief mineral product is the asphalt of the mines of Seyssel on the eastern frontier, besides which potter's clay, building stone, hydraulic lime and cement are produced in the department.

Above the sea in a cotton and grain producing region, in which cattle are raised and fruit and vegetables grown; coal, oil, natural gas and rock asphalt (which is used for paving the streets of Ardmore) are found in the vicinity.

Nashville is situated on and between hills and bluffs in an un dulating valley; its streets are paved with brick or granite blocks in the business section and macadamized or paved with asphalt in the residential sections.

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In height, with strong reflected lights at the top. The city also owns two portable asphalt plants, and thus makes a saving in the cost of street repairing and resurfacing.

The streets are paved mostly with asphalt and brick, though cedar and stone have been much used, and kreodone block to some extent.

The most extensive peat-workings are in the valleys of the Somme; asphalt comes from Seyssel (Am) and Puyde-Dme.

The main exports were asphalt and calcium carbide.

Outside the Indian districts of the eastern and southern outskirts, the streets are paved with asphalt and stone, lighted with electricity and gas, and served with an efficient street railway service.

The California field produces oil characterized by much asphalt and little or no paraffin, and low in volatile constituents.

To that part of the lake where the asphalt is still oozing up.