Sentence Examples with the word asmara

In 1879 his territory was given by King John to Ras Alula, who retained it until, in August 1889, the Italians occupied Asmara (see Abyssinia: History).

An extension of the line is planned from Asmara to Sabderat and Kassala.

A railway from Massawa to Asmara was completed as far as Ghinda, at the foot of the plateau, in 1904.

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Perini, Di qua dal Mareb (Florence, 1905), a monograph on the Asmara zone; F.

When Werner Munzinger became French consul at Massawa, he entered into a scheme for annexing the Hamasen (of which Asmara was then the capital) to France, but the outbreak of the war with Germany in 1870 brought the project to nought (cf.

The whole of the hill country north of Asmara belongs to the drainage area of the Baraka or Anseba.

Shortly afterwards the Italians occupied Massawa, and in 1889 Asmara (see Abyssinia: History).

The Baraka (otherwise Barka) and Anseba rise in the Hamasen plateau near Asmara within a short distance of each other.

In 1872 Munzinger, now in Egyptian service, annexed Asmara to the khedivial dominions, but in 1884, owing to the rise of the mandi,Egypt evacuated her Abyssinian provinces and Asmara was chosen by Ras Alula, the representative of the negus Johannes (King John), as his headquarters.