Sentence Examples with the word ascribe

Dr Vigfusson would ascribe its editing and completion to Sturla the Lawman, c. 1250.

It is difficult to say to what we are to ascribe his immunity from painful consequences.

But to regard Hezekiah as a Jewish Pisistratus is to ascribe to the time a literary spirit of which the extant documents give no hint; the literature of the age was wholly occupied with the past history, the religious conditions and the political fortunes of the nation, subjects alien to the book of Proverbs.

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To this cause we may ascribe his constant efforts to dazzle France by grandiose adventures and by swift, unexpected movements.

It is to be observed that, while these early speculators ascribe the phenomena to attraction, they do not distinctly assert that this attraction is sensible only at insensible distances, and that for all distances which we can directly measure the force is altogether insensible.

The king's habit of mingling with the peasantry secured for him a large amount of popularity, and probably led many to ascribe to him the authorship of poems describing scenes in peasant life, Christis Kirk on the Grene, The Gaberlunzie Man and The Jolly Beggar.

But it is not so fantastic to ascribe its birth to the personal hatred that existed between Richard of York and Edmund of Somerset, to the old family grudge (going back to 1405) between the Percies and the Nevilles, to the marriage alliance that bound the houses of York and Neville together, and to other less wellremembered quarrels or blood-ties among the lesser baronage.

Several inscriptions ascribe both these treatises to Boetius.

Vera, judging only by her husband and generalizing from that observation, supposed that all men, though they understand nothing and are conceited and selfish, ascribe common sense to themselves alone.

They ascribe the glory of that achievement of genius to different men and dispute as to whom the honor is due.