Sentence Examples with the word as required

We give below that which seems to us to be the most satisfactory (based very largely on personal acquaintance with most parts of the range), considering, as in the case of the limits of the chain, only its topographical aspect, as it exists at the present day, while leaving it to geologists, botanists and zoologists to elaborate special divisions as required by these various sciences.

The bulbs are placed in long shallow boxes, plunged in soil or ashes in the open air, and are later introduced as required into heat in semi-darkness, and are afterwards transferred to benches in the forcing houses where they flower.

These results are of extreme interest, for they show' that under sufficiently strong magnetizing forces the intensity of magnetization I reaches a maximum value, as required by W.

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We shall regard the external force as applied in the form of a pressure X per square centimetre parallel to the line of propagation and varied from point to point as required in order to make the disturbance travel on unchanged in form with the specified velocity U.

In the two former cases a little milt is allowed to fall from a male fish into a vessel containing a small quantity of water - fresh or salt as required - and the eggs are pressed from the female fish into the same vessel.

When thus artificially compounded, unless for immediate use, they should be made strong for convenience of storage, and applied as required much diluted.

The discharge of a river at a weir can be regulated as required and considerably increased in flood-time by introducing a series of openings in the centre of a solid weir, with sluice-gates or panels which slide in grooves at the sides of upright frames or masonry piers erected at convenient intervals apart, FIG.

Two compartments of a shaft may be utilized for this purpose, but greater safety is ensured by two separate openings, as required by law in most mining countries.

Partitiones Scientiarum, a survey of the sciences, either such as then existed or such as required to be constructed afresh - in fact, an inventory of all the possessions of the human mind.

Where written notice of the death, accompanied by a medical certificate of the cause of death, is sent to the registrar, information must nevertheless be given and the register signed within fourteen days after the death by the person giving the notice or some other person as required by the act.