Sentence Examples with the word artistic

It is possible that this is, in part, due to the artistic blight of the Calvinism which so long dominated the town.

A burst of literary and artistic activity followed the Revolution; and van Hasselt's house became a centre of poets, artists and musicians of the romantic school.

The woodcuts illustrating this work are generally of surpassing excellence, and it takes rank in the category of artistic publications.

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If these things, however, indicate Prescott's deficiencies from the point of view of ideal history, few historians have had in a higher degree that artistic feeling in the broad arrangement of materials which ensures popular interest.

For, as in the legend of Sigurd the Volsung, the plot had turned upon the love and vengeance of Brunhild, so in the song of the Nibelungs it is the love and vengeance of Kriemhild, the Gudrun of the northern saga, that forms the backbone of the story and gives it from first to last an artistic unity which the V olsungasaga lacks.

The new town, which lies on the flat expanse adjoining the crescent-shaped bay, partly on ground that has been reclaimed from the sea, has large and regularly built streets, and several large squares adorned with artistic monuments.

This was a weak affectation that found its chief votaries amongst literary men ambitious of an easily earned artistic reputation.

Del Chiaro notices the great imitative capacity of the race, both artistic and mechanical.

When Hellenism came to stand in the world for something concrete and organic, it was, of course, no mere abstract principle, but embodied in a language, a literature, an artistic tradition.

Sainte-Marie contains many artistic treasures, the chief of which are the magnificent stained-glass windows of the Renaissance which light the apsidal chapels, and the 113 choir-stalls of carved oak, also of Renaissance workmanship. The archbishop's palace adjoins the cathedral; it is a building of the 18th century with a Romanesque hall and a tower of the r4th century.