Sentence Examples with the word artificiality

It is, of course, easy to set aside these questions as unanswerable, and to find artificiality in the arrangement.

Is uncertain, and the possibility of artificiality is suggested by the unembellished statement of Josephus that the building of the walls occupied, not fifty-two days, but two years four months (Ant.

The artificiality of the limit to the articulation of species was one of the points to which the downfall of Aristotle's influence was largely due.

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He brought a new spirit into English verse, and redeemed it from the artificiality and the rhetoric of many of his predecessors.

The steps along which plant and animal domestication passed upwards in artificiality are graphically illustrated in the aboriginal food quest.

His Shosetsu Shinsui (Essentials of a Novel) was an eloquent plea for realism as contrasted with the artificiality of the characters depicted by Bakin, and his own works illustrative of this theory took the public by storm.

His adage was Qui sophistice loquitur odibilis est, and his influence has been exercised ever since in warning the Christian orator against artificiality and in urging upon him the necessity of awakening the heart.

These deal with the casuists of the Counter - Reformation in the spirit of Milton, laying especial stress on the artificiality of their methods and the laxity of their results.

There is therefore a certain element of artificiality in his treatment; and this, since it is easier to copy defects than excellencies, has been perpetuated with wearisome monotony by versifiers who chose him for their model.

Instead, an atmosphere of artificiality surrounds these productions, and the verses that reveal genuine poetical feeling are very few.