Sentence Examples with the word articulated

The pectoral and ventral fins are so articulated as to perform the functions of feet, the fish being enabled to move, or rather to walk, on the bottom of the sea, where it generally hides itself in the sand or amongst sea-weed.

The Anomaluridae are characterized by having rooted cheek-teeth with shallow transverse enamel-folds, the two halves of the lower jaw movably articulated in front, very small post-orbital processes to the skull, and the presence of two rows of scales on the under surface of the base of the tail (figs.

The eyes in some Crustacea are mounted on articulated stalks, and from the fact that they can after injury be replaced by antennalike appendages it is inferred that they represent the parapodia of the most anterior prosthomere.

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Ten families are now distinguishedDiastylidae, Lampropidae, Platyaspidae, Pseudocumidae, all with an articulated telson; without one, the Bodotriidae (formerly called Cumidae), Vaunthompsoniidae, Leuconidae, Nannastacidae, Campylaspidae, Procampylaspidae.

The anther-lobes are united to the connective, which is either continuous with the filament or articulated with it.

Leaves which are articulated with the stem, as in the walnut and horse-chestnut, fall and leave a scar, while those which are continuous with it remain attached for some time after they have lost their vitality.

The laminar portion of a leaf is occasionally articulated with the petiole, as in the orange, and a joint at times exists between the vaginal or stipulary portion and the petiole.

These interests are articulated inside the state and they're found among the leading class forces (not only indigenous capitalist ones).

A, malleate, with crop: this is followed enlarged view of malleus above - the by the crop-gizzard, Y-shaped incus consists of a short median also ciliated except fulcrum bearing two large rami, each of behind, where it is which is in contact with a stout malleus hardened into a set consisting of a toothed uncus carried on a of articulated sclerites long manubrium; b, sub-malleate, with (trophi) to form the enlarged view of malleus - the manubria gizzard or mastax.

In many Crustacea the eyes are borne on stalks which are movably articulated with the head and which may be divided into two or three segments.