Sentence Examples with the word articulate

Man shares with the mammalia and birds the direct expression of the feelings by emotional tones and interjectional cries; the parrot's power of articulate utterance almost equals his own; and, by association of ideas in some measure, some of the lower animals have even learnt to recognize words he utters.

In a few lessons she learned nearly all of the English sounds, and in less than a month she was able to articulate a great many words distinctly.

Up to the World War there was actually no articulate irredentism among the Austrian Poles; they were more contented than their co-nationals in Russia and Germany, and this explains their attitude of vacillation and indecision during a long period of the war.

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His language, expressing thoughts by conventional articulate sounds, is the same in essential principle as the most cultivated philosophic dialect, only less exact and copious.

The untaught deaf child who is made to articulate does not know what the goal is, and his lessons in speech are for a long time tedious and meaningless.

When she had been talking for less than a week, she met her friend, Mr. Rodocanachi, and immediately began to struggle with the pronunciation of his name; nor would she give it up until she was able to articulate the word distinctly.

Of their language as distinct from that of the Latins no articulate memorial has survived, but we have a large number of single words attributed to them by Latin writers, among which such forms as (I) fircus, Lat.

Apical, often independently jointed; (2) with the outer ends of the rami articulate two lateral pieces (mallei), and again composed of a distal longitudinal piece (manubrium) and an apical transverse piece (the uncus), the whole recalling, as the name implies, a single-clawed hammer.

The secret police provided but a poor substitute for the assistance which an argus-eyed and articulate public opinion gives to the efficient working of a constitutional system; for the greatest of autocrats has but two eyes, and it is no difficult task to deceive him.

In many birds the basisphenoids send out a pair of basipterygoid processes by which they articulate with the pterygoids.