Sentence Examples with the word arthurian legend

For his work on the Arthurian legend see 12.300, 321, 669.

With reference to the Celtic race, P. cordata, it is interesting to note its connexion with Arthurian legend and the Isle of Avalon or Isle of Apples.

It was, however, the Arthurian legend which of all his fabrications attained the greatest vogue.

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See Studies on the Arthurian Legend by Professor Rhys; The Legend of Sir Lancelot, Grimm Library, xii., .Jessie L.

The special interest of Map lies in the perplexing question of his relation to the Arthurian legend and literature.

Professor Rhys' Studies in the Arthurian Legend are largely based on Welsh material, and may be consulted for details, though the conclusions drawn are not in harmony with recent research.