Sentence Examples with the word artesian

Water for irrigation purposes is often derived from artesian wells, which are very numerous in the S.

The plains, except in the south-east corner, are underlaid by sheets of water-bearing sandstone, which carry a volume of water under such pressure that in the valleys of the James river and the Missouri river and its western tributaries a strong surface flow may be obtained from artesian wells.

The cultivation of the cane was greatly encouraged by the Reciprocity Treaty of 1875, which established practically free trade between the islands and the United States, and since 1879 it has been widely extended by means of irrigation, the water being obtained both by pumping from numerous artesian wells and by conducting surface water through canals and ditches.

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Numerous artesian wells furnish the city with an ample supply of water of unusual excellence.

Within the castle is an artesian well, the only water-supply, save that collected in rain tanks, on the island.

Daguerre for the invention of photography, the grant for the publication of the works of P. Fermat and Laplace, the acquisition of the museum of Cluny, the development of railways and electric telegraphs, the improvement of the navigation of the Seine, and the boring of the artesian wells at Grenelle.

The artesian basin of the east part of the state is fairly well developed, several wells having a flow of from 2000 to 435 0 gallons per minute and a pressure of 150 lb to the square inch.

Jack concluded that western Queensland might be a deep artesian basin.

Besides the sterile and monotonous steppes, valuable only as pasture, and so sparsely populated that it is possible to travel for many hours without encountering any sign of human life except a primitive artesian well or a shepherd's hut, there are wide expanses of fen-country, regularly flooded in spring and autumn.

It was the first of the deep artesian wells of the continent.