Sentence Examples with the word arsenal

After the fall of the republic the arsenal continued to occupy the attention of the various governments.

Bangalore is the headquarters of a military district, its elevation rendering it healthy for British troops, with accommodation for a strong force of all arms and an arsenal in the old fort.

It is the headquarters of a military command, and the residence of a Roman Catholic bishop; its principal buildings are the cathedral, military college, arsenal and observatory.

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There is a military port at Talcahuano, in Concepcion Bay, strongly fortified, and provided with arsenal and repair shops, a large dry dock and a patent slip. The naval school, which occupies one of the noteworthy edifices of Valparaiso, is attended by 90 cadets and is noted for the thoroughness of its instruction.

The principal war arsenal is in Rio de Janeiro.

Among the other noteworthy buildings of the Peiraeus were the arsenal (vKEUoOKrl) of Philo and the temples of Zeus Soter, the patron god of the sailors, of the Cnidian Artemis, built by Cimon, and of Artemis Munychia, situated near the fort on the Munychia height; traces of a temple of Asclepius, of two theatres and of a hippodrome remain.

Cartagena is fortified, and possesses an arsenal and naval dockyards.

The arsenal extends for a mile and a half along the southern coast of the Mare Piccolo, which constitutes its chief basin.

The main door of the arsenal is the first example in Venice of the purely classical style.

It is the see of a bishopric and headquarters of an important military district, having an arsenal and military barracks.