Sentence Examples with the word arroyo

Slope of Monte Castillo, which rises above the left bank of the Arroyo del Jua.

Of Murcia by road, on the right bank of the Arroyo del Jua, a left-bank tributary of the Segura.

M.) includes Arroyo and Salinas.

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Its chief tributaries are the Mundo and Arroyo del Jua on the left, and the Caravaca, Quipar and Sangonera on the right.

These rivers as well as the Uruguay are fed by innumerable smaller streams or arroyos, such as the Arapey in Salto, the Dayman in Paysandu, the Jaguary (an affluent of the Negro) in Tacuarembo, the Arroyo Grande between the departments of Soriano and San Jose, and the San Jose (an affluent of the Santa Lucia).

The capital is San Luis (pop. 1904, about 10,500) on the Arroyo Chorillos, a little S.

It is connected with Ponce by railway (1910), and with the port of Arroyo by an excellent road, part of the military road extending to Cayey, and it exports sugar, rum, tobacco, coffee, cattle, fruit and other products of the department, which is very fertile.

On the 28th of October r8 r r, Hill, by a very skilful surprise, captured Arroyo de los Molinos (between Badajoz and Trujillo), almost annihilating a French corps under Gerard; and in December 181r the French were repulsed in their efforts to capture Tarifa near Cadiz.