Sentence Examples with the word arrow

The guardsman finished pulling the last arrow from his chest and climbed to his feet.

Its general direction thereafter remains south-westerly, and it flows past Stratfordon-Avon, receives the Stour on the south and the Arrow on the north and thence past Evesham and Pershore to Tewkesbury.

C, arrow intended to pass from 1st gill-pouch through collar pore-canal into collar-coelom (cc).

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The execution of Watt gave to this trial a note of tragedy which was absent from that of certain members of the Corresponding Society, accused of conspiring to murder the king by means of a poisoned arrow shot from an air-gun.

It told how Achilles, having slain the Amazon Penthesileia and Memnon, king of the Aethiopians, who had come to the assistance of the Trojans, was himself slain by Paris (Alexander), whose arrow was guided by Apollo to his vulnerable heel (Virgil, Aen.

The place was long besieged, and finally annihilated (1222) by Jenghiz Khan, whose wrath was exasperated at the death of a favourite grandson by an arrow from its walls.

B', arrow from central canal of neurochord (cnc) passed out through anterior neuropore.

The mistletoe figures also in Scandinavian legend as having furnished the material of the arrow with which Balder (the sun-god) was slain by the blind god Hoder.

She finally gripped what was left of the arrow shaft with the pliers.

The knight Walter Tyrrell, who was persistently accused of being the author of his masters death, as persistently denied his responsibility for it; and whether the arrow was his or no, it was not alleged that malice guided it.