Sentence Examples with the word arrogant

Their arrogant contempt for our opinion is a national disgrace.

These proceedings aroused the anger and jealousy of the barons, and their wrath was diminished neither by Gaveston's superior skill at the tournament, nor by his haughty and arrogant behaviour to themselves.

Though a man of profligate and arrogant character, he enjoyed a great reputation as a teacher; Quintilian and Persius are said to have been his pupils.

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She wanted Kris dead in that moment, even if the arrogant Immortal was her sister's husband.

With the Dutch, which found vent in one war in the time of the Commonwealth, and in two wars in the time of Charles II., gave way to a dread, rising into hatred, of the arrogant potentate who, at the head of the mightiest army in Europe, treated with contempt all rights which came into collision with his own wishes.

The esprit bourru by which he was at all times distinguished, and which he now displayed in his rather arrogant Excuse a Ariste, unfitted him for controversy, and it was of vital importance to him that he should not lose the outward marks of favour which Richelieu continued to show him.

She is far too arrogant to learn the error of her ways.

The politician had an arrogant disregard of the majority view.

The arrogant spirit of Englishmen made them comtemptuous towards the colonists, and the desire to thrust taxation upon others than themselves made the new colonial legislation popular.

In 858 Motawakkil, hoping to escape from the arrogant patronage of Wasif, who had taken the place of Itakh as head of the Turkish guard, transferred his residence to Damascus.