Sentence Examples with the word arresting

He quelled the attempted revolution in 1848 without bloodshed by arresting all the conspirators and expelling them from the country.

The arrangements for arresting sparks in American practice and on the continent of Europe are somewhat elaborate.

They were restrained from arresting Him by fear of the people, to whom the meaning of the parable was plain.

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The followers of Hbert wanted to push forward the movement of May 31, 1793, in order to become masters in their turn; while those of Danton were by way of arresting it.

Morphine is recognized as one of the most useful drugs in the treatment of eclampsia, early injection often arresting the fits.

By his able policy Odo succeeded in arresting their progress for some years; but a new vali, Abdur Rahman, a member of an extremely fanatical sect, resumed the attack, reached Poitiers, and advanced on Tours, the holy town of Gaul.

In 1659 he was giving directions as to the suppression of the revolt of the gentry which threatened in Normandy, Anjou and Poitou, with characteristic decision arresting those whom he suspected and arranging every detail of their trial, the immediate and arbitrary destruction of their castles and woods, and the execution of their chief, Bonnesson.

His conduct in following them up into the Spanish territory of Florida, in seizing Pensacola, and in arresting and executing two British subjects, Alexander Arbuthnot and Robert Ambrister, gave rise to much hostile comment in the cabinet and in Congress; but the negotiations for the purchase of Florida put an end to the diplomatic difficulty.

The arresting cover is a wraparound of Gilbert and George's great panoramic allegory of 1983.

Pedicles arise secondary outgrowths, at first covered with skin, which (owing to the growth of a ring of bone at the base arresting the flow of blood) eventually dries up and leaves bare bone incapable of further growth.