Sentence Examples with the word arrears

He remitted all arrears of taxes, the collection of which was for the future placed in the hands of the local officials.

The petition from the army to the parliament for arrears of pay was suppressed and the petitioners declared enemies of the state.

In the beginning of AbortIve 1898 the shahs medical advisers strongly recommended Negotiatlonsa cure of mineral waters in Germany or France, and for British as his departure from Persia without paying the arrears to the army and to thousands of functionaries, or providing a sufficient sum for carrying on the government during his absence, would have created grave discontent, serious negotiations for a loan were entered upon.

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A first attempt was defeated by Miaoulis on the 16th of November, and Ibrahim was compelled to retire and anchor off Rhodes; but the Greek admiral was unable to keep his fleet together, the season was far advanced, his captains were clamouring for arrears of pay, and the Greek fleet sailed for Nauplia, leaving the sea unguarded.

This caused great discontent, which was increased by the fact that their pay was six months in arrears and their clothing long overdue.

In many parts of the empire the soldiers rarely receive more than eight months' pay in the year, although in Constantinople the arrears are not so large.

His zeal for the efficient administration of justice caused him, in addition to his other heavy work, to sit during several weeks in the spring of 1921 as a judge of first instance, in order to clear off the enormous arrears in the Divorce Court.

And, strange to say, the heaviest arrears are du: from the fertile black earth region of S.

Money enough was advanced out of the surplus property of the Irish Church to pay for tenants of holdings under X30 one year's rent upon all arrears accruing before November 1880, giving them a clear receipt to that date on condition of their paying another year themselves; of the many reasons against the measure the most important was that it was a concession to agrarian violence.

In this respect he formed a great contrast to his predecessor, whose arrears he soon cleared off.