Sentence Examples with the word array

This idea finds fuller expression in the algebra of matrices, as to which it must suffice to say that a matrix is a symbol consisting of a rectangular array of scalars, and that matrices may be combined by a rule of addition which obeys the usual laws, and a rule of multiplication which is distributive and associative, but not, in general, commutative.

To abdicate: and, though even after the termination of the synod men like Jacob of Jiiterbogk (q.v.) were found to champion ecclesiastical parliamentarianism and the more advanced ideas of Basel, they were confronted, on the other hand, by an array of redoubtable controversialists, who entered the lists to defend, both in speech and writing, the privileges of the Apostolic See.

Thus Qat, Quahteaht, Pundjel, Maui, Ioskeha, Cagn, Wainamoinen and an endless array of others represent the ideal and heroic first teachers of Melanesians, Ahts, Australians, Maoris, Algonkins, Bushmen and Finns.

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And so when the World War broke out the commission dispersed without practical results, leaving behind it an imposing array of folio volumes of great scientific value.

It was an imposing array of veteran troops, and when their emperor rode along the lines they received him with extraordinary enthusiasm.

But the great stretch of highly irrigated and valuable fruit-growing land, which appears to spread from the walls of Herat east and west as far as the eye can reach, and to sweep to the foot of the hills north and south with an endless array of vineyards and melon-beds, orchards and villages, varied with a brilliant patchwork of poppy growth brightening the width of green wheat-fields with splashes of scarlet and purple - all this is really comprised within a narrow area which does not extend beyond a ten-miles' radius from the city.

No city ever adorned herself with such an array of temples, public buildings and works of art as the Athens of Pericles and Pheidias.

Time and muscle, knack and touch, a trained eye and brain and an unlimited array of patterns hanging on fancy's walls, aided by a box of dry sand, pottery.

Taking each leaf of his series, with an assigned number of veins, he has determined the array of pairs of leaves which can be formed by pairing the chosen leaf with all others from its own tree in succession.

The variability of an array of such a table-that is, of any line or column of it-is the mean variability of pairs of leaves, each pair chosen from one tree, and having one leaf of a particular character; it may therefore be taken as a fair measure of the variability of such a tree.