Sentence Examples with the word around the corner

The car was around the corner and out of sight when his field of vision cleared.

For around the corner had come two enormous savage beasts, treading so lightly that they were upon him before he was aware of their presence.

With an outstretched hand she touched the wall and managed to feel her way around the corner until she could see the weak glow of the near-extinguished light far ahead.

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His first thought was Gladys' would-be lover having second thoughts and making a quick exit so he ducked around the corner of the dining room, so as not to embarrass the man.

They made it several doors before three of Romas's clan charged around the corner of a nearby intersection.

They left the man to his puzzle and attitude and walked around the corner to room 22.

Traci disappeared around the corner to the kitchen.

Kiera spun and darted down the hall, snatching Talal's arm and pulling her around the corner before Ne'Rin saw them.

Jonathan disappeared around the corner and Alex started after him.

Her step slowed as she saw their destination: a poorly lit loading area around the corner from the Macy's.