Sentence Examples with the word around

This time she stretched her arms around his waist without hesitation.

She glanced around the dimly lit room, desperately searching for a way out.

Various sections of the Bantu division of the Negro race dwell around the lake, those on the west and south-west showing the most pronounced Negro type, while the tribes on the east exhibit some intermixture with representatives of the Hamitic stock, and (towards the south) some traces of Zulu influence.

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A little reconstruction made Dartmoor into a modern gaol, and in the waste lands around there was ample labour for any number of convict hands.

It stays small by avoiding bureaucracy, being represented by Switzerland in embassies around the world, and using Swiss currency and visas.

Kris had managed to create a barrier around the chamber to keep Immortals from trespassing via the shadow world.

He jerked his head around and stared at her.

They were a soft, sable brown with specs of black that seemed to swirl in motion around her pupils like two tiny solar systems.

Brandon towered over her - the living room light forming a halo around his tall muscular frame.

Love the color and the swirlies, like Celtic designs around it.