Sentence Examples with the word aroma

To the chemical changes, mainly oxidation, which go on in this juice while it is exposed to the air, the characteristic aroma and flavour of Perique tobacco are mainly due.

On the bacterial theory it was thought possible to inoculate a poor tobacco with, say, the special bacteria present in Cuban tobacco, and so give the product the aroma and other good qualities rof the more valuable tobacco.

The Excise opium not having a covering of poppy petals lacks the aroma of Provision opium.

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The tobaccos of Sumatra are especially valued for outside wrappers of cigars, being very uniform, of fine texture, light brown colour, thin and elastic. They do not, however, possess the aroma essential to cigar-fillers.

The aroma of cologne surrounded him and his breath smelled like he had recently brushed his teeth.

Quite apart from the genuineness of a sample, its special aroma constitutes the value of an oil, and in this respect the judging of the value of a given oil may, apart from the purity, be more readily solved by an experienced perfumer than by the chemist.

The commercial value of tea, coffee, wine and other beverages may be said to depend largely on the delicate aroma which they owe to the presence of minute quantities of ethereal oils.

They stood there holding each other, listening to the sound of the horses munching on hay and smelling the sweet aroma of oats and alfalfa.

This one smelled of over cleaning with a telltale aroma of cigarette smoke.

The aroma from the goblets invaded Jackson's senses causing the burning in his throat to intensify, and his jaw to throb with pain.