Sentence Examples with the word armour

Neither vessel was able seriously to injure the other, and not a single shot penetrated the armour of either.

In these shrines a complete set of armour was kept, in accordance with the idea that the hero was essentially a warrior, who on occasion came forth from his grave and fought at the head of his countrymen, putting the enemy to flight as during his lifetime.

Finally the quantity of armour plate needed is so enormous that it justifies the expense of installing a great rolling mill.

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The demand for very large forgings, especially for guns and armour plate, led to the building of enormous steam hammers.

Clad in full armour they are sent forth 1 The form valectus led to the spelling valect in transcribing from Latin documents.

Remains of gladiators' armour and weapons were found in some of the rooms, and in one, traces of the stocks used to confine insubordinate gladiators.

The common soldiers went into battle brilliant in savage war-paint, but those of higher rank had helmets like birds and beasts of prey, armour of gold and silver, wooden greaves, and especially the ichcapilli, the quilted cotton tunic two fingers thick, so serviceable as a protection from arrows that the Spanish invaders were glad to adopt it.

In the disastrous invasion of the land of the Hetware, in which Hygelac was killed, Beowulf killed many of the enemy, amongst them a chieftain of the Hugas, named Daghrefn, apparently the slayer of Hygelac. In the retreat he once more displayed his powers as a swimmer, carrying to his ship the armour of thirty slain enemies.

With a view to enable this vessel to carry at good speed the thickest possible armour compatible with buoyancy, Ericsson reduced the exposed surface to the least possible area.

Great armour plates can indeed be made by rolling, because in making such flat plates the ingot is simply rolled back and forth between a pair of plain cylindrical rolls, like BB of fig.