Sentence Examples with the word aristotelianism

If there is conscious and purposed divergence from Aristotle, inquiry moves, on the whole, within the circle of ideas where Aristotelianism had fought its fight and won its victory.

Thus equipped, he began his attack upon the medieval Aristotelianism which then flourished in Padua and Bologna.

The Milhamoth is throughout modelled after the plan of the great work of Jewish philosophy, the Moreh Nebuhim of Moses Maimonides, and may be regarded as an elaborate criticism from the more philosophical point of view (mainly Averroistic) of the syncretism of Aristotelianism and Jewish orthodoxy as presented in that work.

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Nevertheless, it was openly professed during the period of the break up of Scholastic Aristotelianism (see POMPONAllI).

It was amongst them, especially in Maimonides, that Aristotelianism found refuge after the light of philosophy was extinguished in Islam; and the Jewish family of the Ben-Tibbon were mainly instrumental in making Averroes known to southern France.

He turned to the philosophers, and examined the accepted Aristotelianism in a treatise which has come down to us - The Destruction of the Philosophers.

Maimonides also wrote an Arabic commentary on the Mishnah, soon afterwards translated into Hebrew, commentaries on parts of the Talmud (now lost), and a treatise on Logic. His breadth of view anti- and his Aristotelianism were a stumbling-block to the orthodox, and subsequent teachers may be mostly classified as Maimonists or anti-Maimonists.

These have been frequently edited and are interesting in connexion with the adoption of Aristotelianism by the Christian Church.

It was the period of revolt against the Aristotelianism of the schools, and Gassendi shared to the full the empirical tendencies of the age.

Philosophic differences are best felt by their practical effects: philosophically, Platonism is a philosophy of universal forms, Aristotelianism a philosophy of individual substances: practically, Plato makes us think first of the supernatural and the kingdom of heaven, Aristotle of the natural and.