Sentence Examples with the word aristocrat

An extreme aristocrat ' His great grandfather, Richard Morris, having fought in Cromwell's armies, emigrated to America on the restoration of Charles II., and founded the manor of Morrisania, in what was then New Netherland.

Cibrario was a good example of the loyal, industrious, honest Piedmontese aristocrat of the old school.

An aristocrat by birth and inclination, he was nevertheless a true patriot and demanded the greatest sacrifices from his own order in the national interests.

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It might have emerged in any case; but Canning, with his brilliant popular gifts and his frank appeal to popular support, gave it a revivifying stimulus which it would never have received froman aristocrat of the type of Castlereagh.

Nevertheless Tarnowski was emphatically an aristocrat and an oligarch, proud of his ancient lineage and intensely opposed to the democratic tendencies of the szlachta.