Sentence Examples with the word arguing

Now they were arguing in front of family as well as guests.

House, arguing that their service was optional and not a means of livelihood; it was public service and should not be made a job.

Right now it reminds me of Ben and me on the Amherst playground as kids arguing who owns the ball and who owns the bat.

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From the latter's time onward a host of liturgists took up the theme, arguing from the form, the material, the colour and the fashion of wearing the various garments to symbolical interpretations almost as numerous as the interpreters themselves.

Reid proposes to apply this principle in favour of monogamy, arguing from the proportion of males and females born; without explaining why, if the intention of nature hence inferred excludes occasional polygamy, it does not also exclude occasional celioacy.

In 1894, however, Sir Patrick Manson, arguing with greater precision by analogy from his own discovery of the cause of filariasis and the part played by mosquitoes, suggested that the malarial parasite had a similar intermediate host outside the human body, and that a suctorial insect, which would probably be found to be a particular mosquito, was required for its development.

Lamarck practically conceded the objective existence of species in arguing that they might be modified by external conditions, and G.

Smithson, which became a leading case settling a rule of law; and young Scott, having lost his point in the inferior court, insisted on arguing it, on appeal, against the opinion of his clients, and carried it before Lord Thurlow, whose favourable consideration he won by his able argument.

In 1804 he wrote a pamphlet on the corn trade, arguing against a bounty on the exportation of grain.

He made a strenuous effort to found a university in Dublin, and proposed to endow it with the revenues of St Patrick's, reasonably arguing that one cathedral was enough for any city.