Sentence Examples with the word argue

Ramsay and others argue that the latter visit itself coincided with the Relief visit, and even see in Gal.

In the meantime we have proper names to argue from; and these give us at least the significant indication that the Hittite nominative ended in s and the accusative in m.

One might argue that manipulating the Future and unfettered access to the present provides more than enough influence.

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No one would argue when someone was telling them they were irreplaceable.

So he will argue as the essence of the matter that (iv.) he who has occupied Christ's place in history, and won such reverence from the purest souls, was what he claimed to be, and that his many-sidedness comes to focus and harmony when we recognize him as the Christ of God and the Saviour of the world.

They could argue like this all afternoon.

One minute she didn't hesitate to argue with him, and the next she could not wait to agree with him.

It is in any case unfair to decide questions by disparaging terms, and to argue as if the whole choice were between materialistic or idealistic monism, leaving realism out of court.

Some might argue this is not in and of itself a force for peace.

At the same time he did not argue for the complete abolition of the tests, but desired that they should be so framed as to make it possible for most Protestants conscientiously to subscribe to them.