Sentence Examples with the word argon

Of these, argon and its allies were the last to be definitely isolated.

The red glow of argon was readily obtained with a voltage of 2000, but not with much less.

The molecule of every compound must obviously contain at least two atoms, and generally the molecules of the elements are also polyatomic, the elements with monatomic molecules (at moderate temperatures) being mercury and the gases of the argon group. The laws of chemical combination are as follows: I.

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The viscosity of argon is I.

Berthelot that under the influence of the silent electric discharge, a mixture of benzene vapour and argon underwent contraction, with formation of a gummy product from which the argon could be recovered.

P. 77, 1897.) The behaviour of argon at low temperatures was investigated by K.

From the manner of its preparation it was clear at an early stage that argon would not combine with magnesium or calcium at a red heat, nor under the influence of the electric discharge with oxygen, hydrogen or nitrogen.

Being less volatile than nitrogen, argon accumulates relatively as liquid air evaporates.

It is of interest to note that the argon spectrum may be fully developed by operating upon a miniature scale, starting with only 5 c.c. of air (Phil.

Nor does it appear that any well-defined compound of argon has yet been prepared.