Sentence Examples with the word aren't

That's a nice thought, but the rest of us aren't willing to let it stand that way.

Josh is religious, but there aren't many men who would claim to understand women.

Sofi said the Originals aren't what we've been led to believe them to be.

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And then, the seeds we are using aren't anything to write home about, either.

He and his wife, who's as nutty as Planters, aren't on anyone's top one hundred list of the rich and famous.

Convince me you aren't telling me we can have a real relationship just so I go through with this procedure you want to try.

Parents whose children are in the military generally aren't the ones hawkishly pushing for war.

I read that there aren't any mountain lions in Arkansas.

Jule, Eden and I aren't alone.

I guess it's just something different - something we aren't used to yet.