Sentence Examples with the word arduous

They began the arduous climb, puffing in the high elevation for ten minutes until the trail leveled and opened to their left.

Recently, however, a well-known sugar maker in Germany has altered his battery in such manner that instead of having to open a large door below the cells in order to discharge them promptly, he opens a comparatively small valve and, applying compressed air at the top of the cell, blows the whole contents of spent slices up a pipe to the drying apparatus, thus saving not only a great deal of time but also a great deal of labour of a kind which is both arduous and painful, especially during cold weather.

How the stars really move in space, and how the sun travels among them, can be ascertained only with the aid of materials collected by the spectrograph, which has now fortunately been brought to comply with the arduous conditions of exactitude requisite for collaboration with the transit instrument and its allies, the clock and chronograph.

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Thereafter he resided successively at Toulon, St Tropez and Antibes, doing useful work in fortifying the coast and using his spare time in arduous study of the science of war.

After an arduous march and in spite of the mutinous behaviour of his troops, Selim, crushed the Persians at Chaldiran (1515) and became master of the whole of Kurdistan.

It seems to be certain that St Francis at the beginning had no intention of forming his disciples into an Order, but only of making a great brotherhood of all those who were prepared to carry out in their lives certain of the greater and more arduous of the maxims of the Gospel.

But the work is too arduous to allow of long and desultory conversation; the chance of contamination is now minimized by the careful separation of the less hardened from the old offenders.

It is an arduous race, for only the fittest, yet the race is always booked early to its maximum.

Probably no more arduous task was ever thrown upon a public department than that imposed on the Post Office by the transfer.

On his return to Japan he was entrusted with the arduous duty of drafting a constitution.