Sentence Examples with the word archive

The rarest and most valuable of early memoirs and much archive material are embodied in Benj.

Mossbach, Bolivia (Leipzig, 1875); Theodore Child, The South American Republics (New York, 1891); Vicente de Ballivian y Rizas, Archive Boliviano.

In 1856 he began editing a series of Portugalliae monumenta historica, but personal differences between him and the keeper of the Archive office, which he was forced to frequent, caused him to interrupt his historical studies, and on the death of his friend King Pedro V.

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Stein (10 vols., Halle and Leipzig, 1876-1907); Hanserecesse, erste Abtheilung, 1256-1430 (8 vols., Leipzig, 1870-1897), zweite Abtheilung, 1431-1476 (7 vols., 1876-1892); dritte Abtheilung, 1477-1530 (7 vols., 1881-1905); Hansische Geschichtsquellen (7 vols., 1875-1894; 3 vols., 1897-1906); Inventare hansischer Archive des sechzehnten Jahrhunderts (vols.