Sentence Examples with the word archaism

He was already a poet by predilection, an idyllist and steeped in the classical archaism of the time, when, in 1784, his taste for the antique was confirmed by a visit to Rome made in the company of two schoolfellows, the brothers Trudaine.

She hits the happy mean between the studied archaism of Courier's Daphnis et Cloe and the realistic patois of the later kailyard novel which for Southerners requires a glossary.

Aetate fertili finita), where the contrast of the last with the other two forms shows that the -d was an archaism still occasionally used in writing.

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Gargantua and Pantagruel, notwithstanding their high literary standing and the frequency with which certain passages from them are cited, are, owing partly to their archaism of language and partly to the extreme licence which their author has allowed himself, so little read that no notice of them or of him could be complete without some sketch of their contents.

Pollio was a distinguished orator; his speeches showed ingenuity and care, but were marred by an affected archaism (Quintilian, Inst.